Police issue statement Gaza war demonstrations 

Amman, March 31 (Petra) — The Public Security Directorate (PSD) Sunday issued a statement on the events that accompanied the vigils and gatherings that took place last night in Amman.

The statement explained that the police dealt last night with gatherings that took place in Amman and that police officers present to maintain security dealt during practiced “utmost discipline and professionalism” with thousands of demonstrators of thousands.

The statement notes that security officials have not prevented thousands of Jordanians from expressing their opinion.

According to th e statement, during the past night and the days preceding it, the gatherings witnessed violations, abuses and attempts to verbally and physically attack PSD officers and to sabotage and attack public and private property.

Demonstrators blocked roads and tried to be in direct contact with security officers, the statement explained.

The statement notes that PSD officers exercised “utmost restraint,” especially towards female demonstrators, highlighting that with the increase in violations and intentional assault and abuse, “a number of people were arrested.”

The PSD vowed to investigate footage that went viral.

The statement notes: “The Public Security Directorate will continue its professional work in maintaining community security and peace and enabling citizens to express their opinions in accordance with the laws.

“It will also continue its work in implementing and enforcing the law against anyone who attempts to transgress, or incite by action or word against security personnel.”

//Petra// AK
31/03/2024 17:15:07