Primacy of UNSC Role Highlighted by Morocco at 15th AU PSC Retreat in Tunis

The Moroccan delegation at this meeting is led by the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Morocco to the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Mohammed Arrouchi.

At the meeting, the Moroccan delegation reiterated the primacy of the UN Security Council as the principal body responsible for international security issues, a principle that was unanimously reiterated in the draft resolution on the financing of Peace Support Operations (PSOs), which will be debated at the retreat and considered by the UN Security Council next week in New York.

The Moroccan delegation also reiterated the importance of adopting comprehensive, multi-dimensional approaches that integrate and strengthen coherence between political, security and development activities in managing crisis and conflict situations on the continent, in order to effectively address the root causes of insecurity and instability, including socio-economic challenges and the vital needs of African populations.

The primacy of the role of the UN Security Council and the multidimensional approach were emphasized by Morocco at the 15th retreat of the African Union's Peace and Security Council (PSC), which kicked off on Saturday in Tunis.

25 November 2023