Qatar Sees Surge in Demand for Jordanian Dinar as Summer Vacation Season Begins

Doha, June 27 (Petra) — Currency exchange markets in Qatar are experiencing a significant uptick in demand for the Jordanian dinar, coinciding with the onset of the annual vacation and summer holiday season.

This surge is primarily driven by Jordanian expatriates planning their summer visits home and Qatari nationals preparing for tourism trips to Jordan.

Financial experts in Qatar reported a 20 percent increase in Jordanian dinar transactions over the past few days compared to typical periods, according to statements made to the Jordan News Agency (Petra) on Thursday.

The Jordanian dinar is emerging as one of the most sought-after Arab currencies in Qatari exchange houses and banks’ currency departments. This popularity is attributed to the substantial Jordanian workforce in Qatar and the growing trend of Qatari families choosing Jordan as a holiday destination.

Currently, the exchange rate for the Jordanian dinar in Qatar fluctuates between 5.14 riyals for purchase and 5.2 riyals for sale.

Exchange companies in Qatar are proactively stocking various denominations of Jordanian currency to meet the anticipated demand from both Jordanian workers and Qatari travelers.

Industry insiders noted that this period marks one of the busiest seasons for the currency exchange sector in Qatar.

While the Saudi riyal remains the most popular Gulf currency, the Jordanian dinar tops the list among Arab currencies in terms of demand in Qatar’s exchange market.

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27/06/2024 10:08:57