Qatari private sector exports to Jordan reach $47 Million in Q1 2024

Amman, June 11 (Petra) — The value of Qatari private sector exports to Jordan reached approximately $47 million in the first quarter of 2024, marking a 4.2% increase from $45 million during the same period in 2023, according to a report released by the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The report, issued on Tuesday, detailed that Qatari exports to Jordan primarily included organic fertilizers, iron rods, medical solutions, various food, and consumer goods, and a wide range of chemicals such as automotive oils, sulfonic acid, luterin, aluminum ingots, paraffin, polyethylene, and various types of chemical fertilizers and their applications, along with plastic bags and car engine oils.

Furthermore, the report highlighted a 6% increase in Qatari private sector exports to international markets during Q1 2024, totaling approximately 2.53 billion Qatari riyals, as indicated by certificates of origin issued by the chamber.

Asian countries (excluding GCC and Arab countries) were the leading destinations for Qatari private sector exports in the first quarter, receiving exports worth about 1 billion riyals, which accounted for 41.9% of the total exports.

The European Union countries followed, accounting for 29.5% of total exports with a value of approximately 748.6 million riyals. GCC countries ranked third, with exports worth about 571.5 million riyals, representing 22.5% of the total.

The report also noted that Qatari private sector exports reached 101 countries during the first quarter of 2024. Leading regions by the number of countries included Africa with 24 countries, Asia with 22 countries, the European Union with 20 countries, non-GCC Arab countries with 14 countries, other American countries with 9 countries, the GCC with 5 countries, other European countries with 5 countries, followed by the United States and Australia.

In terms of individual countries, the Netherlands emerged as the top trade partner for Qatari private sector products in Q1 2024, receiving exports valued at 408.6 million riyals.

India ranked second with exports worth 350 million riyals, followed by Oman, which received exports valued at approximately 246 million riyals.

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11/06/2024 10:08:03