QF Honors Ability Friendly Program Participants

Doha, June 25 (QNA) – Qatar Foundation has held a ceremony to celebrate the participants and coaches of its Ability Friendly Program an initiative that offers inclusive sporting opportunities for individuals with different abilities.

The event aimed to raise awareness of the Qatar Foundation (QF) program, which, this year, included 182 registered participants.

In this context, Executive Director of Special Schools and SEN Services at Qatar Foundation Mark Hughes said, “The Ability Friendly Program is essential to QF’s Pre-University Education. This program not only provides valuable opportunities for individuals with different abilities but also strives to create an inclusive environment that embraces all participants, enhancing their deep sense of appreciation and community belonging.”

Hughes added, “The program also allows individuals to showcase their talents, boosting their confidence and self-esteem while developing social skills and helping participants form lasting relationships. Through various activities, it promotes independence and personal growth. By engaging participants in sports, it also fosters enthusiasm for an active and healthy lifestyle.”

The Executive Director of Special Schools and SEN Services at Qatar Foundation expressed his pride, saying, “I am incredibly proud of our students’ achievements and their ability to overcome challenges. Their determination and resilience are truly inspiring, and they remind us all of the incredible potential within each of us.”

The event also featured “Colorful Dreams,” a collection of drawings by twelve young artists from the Ability Friendly Program printed on bags and books. These products are available at the Education City Gift Shop, with all proceeds going to the Ability Friendly Program.