QU Occupies Three Academic Chairs in ALECSO

Doha, February 04 (QNA) – Qatar University (QU) announced today that it had achieved the distinction of being the first university in the Arab Gulf region to secure three academic chairs in the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO).

The three academic chairs are: the ALECSO Chair for Environmental Seaweed System in the Arabian Gulf region, the ALECSO Chair for Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, and the ALECSO Chair for Water.

Regarding this achievement, Dr. Omar Al Ansari, President of QU said: “The university takes pride in obtaining three academic chairs in the ALECSO. This accomplishment reflects our strategic vision to elevate the level of research and innovation while maintaining a commitment to providing high-quality education. Qatar University continuously works to identify its research priorities in line with a focus on the national vision, and to establish close connections between research, programs, and research projects that are directly relevant to the needs of the local job market.”
QU’s Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Prof. Mariam Al Maadeed also expressed her pride in the university’s progress in the region, stating: “Qatar University is strongly advancing towards a new phase of academic excellence. The acquisition of chairs from ALECSO reflects our steadfast commitment to enhancing scientific research and raising the standards of higher education in the region. This achievement underscores our dedication to serving the community and making valuable contributions to the fields of science and culture. We are proud of this accomplishment, which reflects progress and excellence in Qatar’s journey of development and knowledge, both locally and globally.”
For his part, Acting Secretary-General of the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science Ali Abdul Razzaq Marafie said, “The launch of three ALECSO chairs enhances Qatar’s leading role in the field of scientific research, highlighting Qatar’s position on regional and international platforms.

It establishes Qatar University as a beacon for Arab universities in finding solutions to common issues in the Arab world. The launch of these chairs aligns with ALECSO’s vision and meets the aspirations of Arab countries, addressing their need for specialized expertise in various fields of education, culture, science, scientific research, information, and communication. These chairs will contribute to building a culture of innovation and creating platforms for disseminating knowledge, study results, scientific research, and exchanging experiences with counterparts from universities and research centers.”
Discussing the ALECSO Chair for Environmental Seaweed System in the Arabian Gulf region, ALECSO Chair for Environmental Seaweed System in the Arabian Gulf region, Director of QU’s Environmental Science Center (ESC) Prof. Dr. Hamad Al Saad Al Kuwari noted that seaweed plays a vital role in Qatar’s ecosystem, being globally well-preserved due to efforts from authorities like the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. The chair supports research in this ecosystem by encouraging local and international collaboration, organizing educational events, promoting student interest, and planning for a global conference on the topic soon.

In turn, ALECSO Chair for Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, Director of QU’s Ibn Khaldon Center for Humanities & Social Sciences Dr. Nayef Nahar Al Shamari commented on the Chair for Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences saying that the chair role aligns with QU’s continuous efforts to establish and develop interdisciplinary approaches in academic institutions at both educational and research levels. This aims to provide a more integrated perspective in understanding social phenomena through interdisciplinary approaches.

Regarding the Water Chair, Dr. Maryam Al Ejji, Professor in QU’s Center for Advanced Materials, noted that obtaining this chair is in line with achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The activities associated with the chair aim to enhance collaborative research and scientific cooperation between the university and research institutions in the region.

ALECSO established these chairs with the aim of enhancing the capabilities of higher education and scientific research in the Arab world. Their objective is to promote the exchange of knowledge and collaboration among universities and research centers at both regional and international levels. (QNA)