&quotMirsah” empowers youth in field of inclusive security, resilience 

Amman, June 28 (Petra)- Rasmi Khazaalah- The Inclusive Security and Resilient Youth Project “Mirsah” aims to promote peaceful coexistence and a positive youth development through interventions to promote learning; increase stability through inclusive security; and build the psycho-social resiliency of youth and their families.

It enables intellectual and comprehensive development that contribute to the progress of these communities.

The project is implemented by Mercy Corps Jordan in cooperation with several Civil Society Organizations and funded by the Integrated Security Fund of the British government.

The project targets the age group of 16 to 30 years. Zaid Hatokay, Mercy Corps Jordan’s Director of Programs, emphasized that the project offers a robust platform for youth empowerment, enabling them to make a significant impact and support communities through their efforts and belief in the core idea, goals, and changes that will occur in their communities.

He noted that the project targets specific communities in Zarqa, Karak, Jerash, and Amman (Sahab). These areas were selected based on specific criteria that were prepared in advance in participation with local partners in these governorates.

He added that Mercy Corps provides technical and financial support to local partners to enable them to manage various project programs, which creates several job opportunities for local community members budgeted within the project budget, which is estimated at US6,448,740 million.

Hatokay also explained that the Mirsah project includes several key components aimed at fostering civic engagement and strengthening the bond between youth and their communities, thereby enhancing their resilience and capacity for influence and expression.

The project also focuses on implementing violence prevention and conflict resolution initiatives by youth based on community needs and challenges. He added, “Through the Nature Club, the project encourages youth to raise their environmental awareness, improve their health and physical well-being, and launch green initiatives aimed at addressing climate change.

It also builds youth capacities in understanding drug abuse, mental health effects, and the social, economic, and psychological impacts of dangerous drugs.”

Hatokay highlighted that the project aims to launch advocacy campaigns in support of various youth issues, fostering a culture of dialogue among youth and their communities, and creating positive impacts in local environments.

It emphasizes the principle of participatory and collaborative work. Additionally, there are caregiver sessions on how to make decisions about adolescents, understand the causes of positive and negative behaviors, deal with them properly, and address adolescent developmental characteristics and anger management.

Moreover, Hatokay noted that the Holistic Health Program, part of the Mirsah activities, provides additional support by providing learning sessions on psychological first aid and preventing cybercrimes and online bullying.

This initiative is implemented in coordination with the Ministry of Youth, covering all governorates of Jordan by collaborating with youth centers affiliated with the ministry. Notably, thirteen centers have been selected, targeting many youth affiliated with these centers.

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28/06/2024 19:37:13