Rahi prays on Palm Sunday for the children of Gaza, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the massacre in Russia: What a disgrace by this generation of country rulers

NNA ndash; During Palm Sunday Mass service in Bkirki this morning, Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Boutros al-Rahi raised prayers to the Lord Almighty for the sake of Gazarsquo;s children and for peace to prevail in wake of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the recent tragic massacre in Moscow.

Internally, al-Rahi prayed to the Almighty to grant us salvation amidst the structure of sin against God in which we are living, following the spiritual, moral, social and political sins that have brought corruption to its peak in our country.

He said: ldquo;The season of Great Lent is a time for all of us to return to God with all our hearts in the spirit of repentance and austerity, and to return to each other in the spirit of reconciliation and cooperation, and to our brothers and sisters who need a helping hand at the physical, spiritual, and moral levels…rdquo;

ldquo;This is the path that leads us to commit, each in his position and responsibilities, to building our national unity complemented by our cultural and religious pluralism,rdquo; the Patriarch asserted.