Royal Action in Favor of Africa Duly Commended Across the Continent (South African Analyst)

“HM the King’s efforts to promote growth and development in Africa in general, and on the Atlantic flank in particular, are eloquent testimony to the firm Royal commitment recognized by all,” the South African analyst told MAP in reaction to HM King Mohammed VI’s Speech to the Nation on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Green March.

“In a world plagued by conflicts and disparities, it is heartening to see such bold and sincere positions in favor of Africa,” said Mahlangu, highlighting the relevance of the positions taken by HM the King to give vigor and substantial content to development efforts in Africa.

Referring in particular to the emphasis placed in the Royal Speech on the imperative of pursuing the establishment of a maritime economy, the South African analyst stressed that this is a new vision that charts the course for achieving the major objectives of economic growth not only on the African continent but beyond in the global South.

The analyst also praised the level of development achieved in the Kingdom’s southern provinces, thanks in particular to the regionalization policy implemented by the Kingdom.

It’s the result of a development vision that has become a “benchmark” for many countries,” said the South African analyst, citing the city of Dakhla as an “edifying example” that illustrates the relevance of the Kingdom’s development policy.

“HM the king’s vision and leadership are the foundation on which the emerging Morocco is built,” concluded the South African analyst.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI's virtuous action in favor of the emergence of a strong and developed Africa is being hailed, as it should be, across the continent, South African analyst Sifiso Mahlangu said on Wednesday.

08 November 2023