Royal Speech Heralds New Geostrategic Vision for Africa, Says Pundit

Roudani told MAP news agency that the Royal Speech had an international geostrategic dimension, underlining the Sovereign’s call for a holistic strategy for African inclusion in the Atlantic area.

He also affirmed that His Majesty the King emphasized the problems and difficulties facing the Sahel region, noting that the aim is for this region to be integrated in all the geopolitical and geoeconomic dimensions of the Atlantic.

The political scientist said that the Royal Speech highlighted the major role that Morocco can play in creating this synergy between the countries of the Sahel to make them more inclusive in the Atlantic dimension, and in setting up a global strategy for the development of the entire African continent.

“Morocco is in the process of setting up strategic force parameters for the Atlantic so that this geopolitical space can play a leading role in the development of the African Continent, in particular the Sahel countries,” explained Roudani, stressing that His Majesty the King is proposing adequate and appropriate solutions for the development of West Africa and the Sahel, in particular an initiative capable of bringing about the emergence of this space which is experiencing security difficulties, with the terrorist attacks perpetrated in the region.

The Sovereign, through this Speech, solemnly calls on the international community to follow the path of development and strategic reflection for a political economy capable of satisfying the needs of the population of Sahelo-Saharan and Atlantic African countries, he aded.

The Royal Speech emphasizes a number of approaches and redefines the way in which the world should look at the African continent, and in particular the Atlantic African countries, said Roudani, noting that His Majesty the King had laid the foundations for a geopolitics of the South Atlantic.    

HM King Mohammed VI's speech to the nation on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the glorious Green March "heralds a new geostrategic vision for Africa,' said political scientist Cherkaoui Roudani.

07 November 2023