Rwanda: Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema Hosts Quran Memorization Competition

Eight participants showcased their talents, vying for recognition in two distinct categories. Following a rigorous assessment, the jury declared Shaima Luqman the victor in the category of memorizing the entire Quran, exhibiting proficiency in reciting it according to various readings. Meanwhile, Madina Newmutton secured her place in the category of psalmody, having memorized at least five Hizbs of the Holy Quran.

The competition not only highlighted the dedication and skill of the participants but also drew attention to the esteemed presence of key figures. Sheikh Musa Sindayiga, President of the Foundation’s Rwandan section, graced the event with his presence. Additionally, a magistrate representing the Mufti of Rwanda, members of the section, and the Higher Council of Islamic Affairs were in attendance, alongside respected religious and scientific personalities.

The Rwandan section of the Mohammed VI Foundation of African Ulema organized a significant event on Wednesday in Kigali; the qualifying rounds for the 5th edition of the Holy Quran memorization, recitation, and chanting competition.
19 mai 2024