Saudi Arabia mobilizes its human, material energies to serve pilgrims, 4th, final add

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has also intensified its efforts and services provided to the pilgrims by expanding air traffic, in addition to the most important initiatives and qualitative programs provided at the Kingdom’s airports in serving the pilgrims, which come within the objectives of the sector’s strategy.

These efforts include: The “Makkah Road” initiative implemented by the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the relevant authorities, which aims to facilitate the procedures for pilgrims to come to the Kingdom, by completing all arrival procedures before pilgrims leave their countries, including customs and passport procedures, and their contribution In reducing waiting times and improving the flow of pilgrims at airports, benefiting more than 240,000 pilgrims, the “Baggageless Travel Initiative” enables pilgrims to complete their travel procedures and baggage, receive baggage tags and board the plane from their residences, in addition to the “Zamzam Package Pre-Loading Initiative,” aimed at pre-loading Zamzam packages on transit flights.

Finally, the Saudi Jawazat announced the arrival of (1,547,295) pilgrims from outside the Kingdom through international ports until the end of Monday, 4/12/1445 AH, during the Hajj season for this year through all the Kingdom’s air, land and sea ports. International air, land and sea ports have the latest technical devices that qualified human cadres work on in different languages.

//Petra// AF
12/06/2024 23:32:50