Senate participates in 6th Global Conference of Women Parliamentarians in Doha

Amman, June 26 (Petra) – The Senate, represented by the head of its Women’s Committee, Khawla Armouti, and its member Ihsan Barakat, in her capacity as also a representative of the Arab Parliament, participated in the 6th Global Conference of Women Parliamentarians.

The conference, which is organized by the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism, began its activities in the Qatari capital, Doha, in cooperation with the Qatari Shura Council.

Armouti spoke about the sustained impact of terrorism and violent extremism on men and women and its different effects perpetuate gender inequality.

In her speech, she noted role of men is “usually clearer in terrorist organizations, but women’s involvement is “different and more complex.”

“Although women play less combat roles than men, but they play a crucial role in supporting activities, primarily logistics, recruitment and propaganda,” she pointed out.

According to the committee’s statement, she said terrorism, on the economic level, exacerbates existing gender disparities in the labor market, adding that terrorism disrupts societal structures, which often leads to increased restrictions on women’s rights.

On the sidelines of the conference, Armouti discussed with the Deputy Speaker of the Qatari Shura Council, Dr. Hamda Al-Sulaiti, aspects of joint cooperation and action to increase Jordanian Senate’s parliamentary collaboration with Qatari legislative body.

The two-day conference aims to boost participation of women parliamentarians in formulating and implementing policies and legislation, exchanging adequate expertise and practices among female parliamentarians from different countries, and enhancing awareness about the importance of women’s role in combating terrorism.

The event also seeks to develop “comprehensive and sustainable” strategies to combat terrorism, stimulate research on the women’s role in this field, and provide recommendations for developing national and international legislation and policies to ensure “effective” efforts.
26/06/2024 18:48:54