Senate President Discusses Economic Partnership with Jordanian Businessmen in Dubai

Amman, June 5 (Petra) – During a meeting on Wednesday with the Jordan Businessmen Council in Dubai and several businessmen, President of the Senate Faisal Fayez discussed strengthening economic partnerships between the private sectors of Jordan and the Emirates by establishing joint investment projects that benefit both parties.

Fayez highlighted that Jordan is undergoing a comprehensive reform process encompassing political, economic, and administrative dimensions, in alignment with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

According to a statement by the Senate, Fayez noted that the Economic Modernization Vision aims to enhance the national economic landscape, enabling Jordan to tackle economic challenges posed by regional and international crises.

He emphasized that the Economic Modernization Vision considered a national project, if adhered to and implemented according to His Majesty’s vision, will significantly transform the national economy and the administrative modernization process.

Fayez stressed the importance of active participation from the private sector and Jordanian businessmen, both domestically and abroad, in ensuring the success of Jordan’s economic advancement. Achieving a prosperous and self-reliant Jordan requires collective effort.

He outlined that the modernization vision seeks to develop various sectors, including industry, agriculture, tourism, and information technology, aiming to economically empower youth and women, reduce poverty and unemployment, ensure national food security, stimulate local and international investments, utilize agricultural lands, advance mining and public transportation sectors, improve citizen services, and establish Jordan as a prime investment destination.

Fayez pointed to a new investment law that encourages investments by offering numerous facilities to investors from friendly countries, highlighting Jordan’s political stability, safe environment, and strong economic and strategic relations in the Middle East, Africa, and globally.

He reaffirmed that Jordanians abroad remain deeply connected to their homeland, with years of expatriation only strengthening their confidence and hope. He urged them to continue their national role by fostering ties with the homeland and revitalizing relations with investors and businessmen in the Emirates to benefit Jordan.

Fayez reiterated that under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Jordan remains a resilient and well-established country capable of overcoming various challenges due to the wisdom of the King, the awareness of the Jordanian people, and the steadfastness of its institutions and armed forces.

He acknowledged the challenges Jordan has faced since King Abdullah II assumed his constitutional powers, which have significantly impacted the current economic challenges. Despite these, he asserted that the Jordanian economy is strong and cohesive, the Jordanian dinar is robust, and foreign currency reserves are substantial.

Fayez expressed appreciation for the care and attention provided by the United Arab Emirates to Jordanians residing there, highlighting the strong and fraternal relations between the Kingdom and the Emirates, fostered by His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Ahmed Hindawi, Chairman of the Jordan Businessmen Council in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, commended His Majesty King Abdullah II’s efforts to attract Arab and international investments to Jordan. He emphasized that the council’s goal is to facilitate networking between Jordanian and Emirati businessmen to exchange experiences, increase trade exchange, and establish economic and investment projects that benefit the Jordanian economy and enhance economic development.

Hindawi assured that Jordanian businessmen in the Emirates will support Jordan by contributing to the comprehensive reform process and playing an active role in achieving economic and administrative development.

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05/06/2024 15:35:41