The Royal Speech Sets out Innovative Development Plan for Africa (US expert)

This plan draws inspiration from an inclusive and altruistic vision which aims to create a hub not only for West African countries but for the entire continent, the president of the Washington-DC based think tank told MAP.

He noted that the southern provinces of the Kingdom, which are undergoing multidimensional development, are the spearhead in this Atlantic vocation backed by the values of active solidarity and cooperation, adding that this Royal initiative carries hope for an Africa of prosperity and opportunities.

The American analyst also highlighted the “trade routes” offered by the Atlantic Ocean which connects Africa to South America, Central America and North America, stressing that this connectivity will be further strengthened with the Dakhla Atlantique port, set to become one of the largest in Africa.

This new structure will also allow the southern provinces to establish themselves as a regional hub for investment, logistics and international trade, particularly with the African continent.

Thanks to this initiative which aims to create “a forum of the Atlantic coast”, the countries of the African continent will be able to become a catalyst for other development programs, he continued.

The speech of His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Green March sets out an innovative development plan for Africa, underlined the president of the Global Policy Institute (GPI), Paolo Von Schirach.

10 November 2023
New York