UK Ambassador Sees ‘Extraordinary Development’ in Ties with Morocco, Urges Continuation

Martin underscored the significance of the “historic” connections between the two countries, citing remarkable progress in terms of trade, increased cross-border visits, and advancements in education, energy cooperation, and cultural exchange.

He went on to express his confidence that this mutually beneficial trajectory would persist, thanks to the unwavering commitment of both governments to further strengthening these bonds.

The centenary celebration was a grand affair, attended by a multitude of guests, including investors hailing from both Morocco and the United Kingdom. The event also served as a platform for a charitable initiative launched by the British-Moroccan Society. The fundraising campaign aimed to aid the victims of the recent Al Haouz earthquake.

In recent years, the diplomatic ties between Morocco and the United Kingdom have undergone what has been described as "extraordinary development," with both nations poised to continue fostering these positive relations into the future. British Ambassador to Morocco, Simon Martin, expressed these sentiments to MAP, during the celebrations marking the centenary of the British Chamber of Commerce in Morocco (BritCham).
03 October 2023