Visa for Music Festival, Major Artistic Event on African and International Scale (Organizers)

“This cultural event has become a reflection of the dynamics of the music industry on the African continent,” stressed El Mazned, in a statement to MAP, on the sidelines of a press conference on the 10th edition of the festival, to be held on November 22-25, under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

He added that the Visa For Music festival is today a professional event bringing together a wide range of cultural players from all over the world.

This press conference was an opportunity to present the program of the festival’s 10th edition, which includes musical performances, conferences, training sessions and workshops for young people in the music industry.

In view of the record number of 1,505 applications received for this year’s Visa For Music festival, the deadline for submitting applications for the 10th edition of this event has been extended.

Of these 1,505 candidates, 71 were from the Americas, 244 from Europe, 158 from Asia, one from Australia and 1,031 from Africa.

The Visa For Music festival intends to be a forum for exchange and dialogue between artists and music industry professionals, including production companies, artistic agents, artistic directors, cultural institutions, the media and trainers.

The Visa for Music Festival stands out as a major artistic event on the African and international scene, said, on Tuesday in Rabat, founding director of the Visa for Music Festival, Brahim El Mazned.

15 November 2023