We look forward to further development in scientific research, says President of University of Jordan , 1st, final add

Regarding the percentage of international students, he explained that the university advanced 54 places to rank 331 globally. In addition, the university achieved progress in the sustainable development index, where it advanced 89 places to rank 371 globally.

Obeidat added that a decision was made regarding scientific scholarships to select 500 students from the University of Jordan and other Jordanian universities to complete their studies abroad.

Mubaidin said that Jordanian efforts are continuing under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II to stop the war on Gaza, protect civilians, and maintain the delivery of humanitarian and relief aid to the Gaza Strip.

In this regard, he referred to the King’s visit to France and his emphasis during his meeting with the French President on the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and warned of the danger of expanding the conflict in the region, which threatens international security.

Mubaidin pointed to Jordan’s relief efforts in supporting Gaza through airdrops carried out by the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) and trucks transported by the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) via land bridge.

“Yesterday, we lost two JAF officers when three military trucks in a Gaza-bound aid convoy, veered off the Dead Sea/Adassiyah road and overturned, offering his condolences and sympathy to their families.

Regarding the case of Jordanians traveling to perform Hajj outside the official mission this year, Mubaidin noted that in its decision today, the public prosecution charged 28 defendants with felony human trafficking and misdemeanor fraud.

The Public Prosecution also decided to arrest 19 people, including a woman, and prevent 10 people from traveling pending the investigative case, and used its authority according to the Human Trafficking Prevention Law to close those companies that played a prominent role in violating the law and facilitating the Hajj without a permit, and issued its decision to seize the criminal proceeds that were the result of the Hajj in this way.

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25/06/2024 23:20:20