With Qatar’s Participation… Arab League Conference Calls for Strengthening Work of Arab Boycott of Israel

Cairo, July 03 (QNA) – The two-day 96th conference of the Liaison Officers of Arab Regional Offices on Boycott of Israel emphasized the importance of strengthening the work of Arab boycott mechanisms, highlighting the need for coordination and communication with the main boycott office to monitor the implementation of decisions and recommendations and to track any violations of the boycott principles and rules.

Held at the Arab League’s General Secretariat headquarters in Cairo, the conference was attended by a representative from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and delegations from Arab countries, including the State of Qatar, represented by Deputy Permanent Representative of Qatar to the Arab League, Maryam Ahmad Al Shibi.

According to a statement issued at the end of its proceedings, the conference approved a set of decisions and recommendations based on the established principles and rules of the Arab boycott. These included monitoring and documenting the activities and events organized by the international BDS movement during the first half of 2024.

Participants underscored the importance of enhancing cooperation between the Arab League’s General Secretariat and the OIC to develop and integrate Islamic boycott mechanisms with the Arab and international boycotts. They also agreed to blacklist several companies violating the rules of the Arab boycott by investing in Israeli settlements and supporting the Israeli economy and military.

Furthermore, the conference issued warnings to other companies, demanding they withdraw their investments and cease cooperation with the colonial settlement regime, in accordance with established boycott rules. The participants expressed their appreciation for the BDS movement’s efforts, recognizing its widespread impact and achievements in confronting Israeli occupation, colonialism, and apartheid, as well as supporting the Palestinian people’s struggle for self-determination and statehood.

The conference urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to adhere to the annual update of its “blacklist” of global and Israeli companies operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied Arab territories (West Bank and Golan), in line with Council resolution 31/36 of 2016, which mandates the annual update of the commercial activities database in the settlements.

The conference condemned any legislation or decisions that criminalize and target the BDS movement, prevent divestment, and boycott actions against Israel, including the law on economic activity for public bodies issued by the British House of Commons, and similar decisions in Germany and some US states and others.

Additionally, the conference called on the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to ban Israel (the occupying power) from participating in sporting and Olympic events, given its ongoing acts of destruction and genocide in the Gaza Strip. (QNA)