World Chovgan Championships: Morocco Becomes World Vice-Champion

The Moroccan team, made up of Sidi Mohammed El Mhamdi, Moulay Abdessalam El Hanafi, Zouhir Lachgar and Taissir Kadiri, lost the final game against the Azerbaijani national team 0-4.

Morocco reached the final game after beating Kazakhstan 3- 1 and Poland 4- 0.

For its part, Azerbaijan qualified for the final game after besting Turkey (7-1) and Kazakhstan (7-0).

The Chovgan World Championship brought together six national teams of Morocco, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland and Turkey.

Chovgan is a traditional horse-riding game played on a flat, grassy field by two competing teams of players mounted on Karabakh horses. Each team has five riders, with two fullbacks and three forwards.

Morocco's national polo team on Wednesday became world vice-champion, after finishing second at the World Chovgan Championship, held in Baku, Azerbaijan.
08 November 2023