World Cup 2030: No Final Decision Has Yet Been Taken on Number of Stadiums or Their Geographical Distribution (Joint Bid Committee)

“Any official information on this subject will be communicated via official channels”, said the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) in a statement issued at the end of a committee meeting held on June 27-28 in Agadir, the aim of which was to inspect the various sites bidding to host the tournament, in addition to finalizing the last adjustments before the final submission of the joint bid by the three countries, scheduled for the end of July.

During the first day of the meeting, the source added, the representatives of the bid committees from the three countries visited several key sites in Agadir, including the city’s main stadium. The delegation also assessed possible locations for hosting the “FIFA Fan Festival”, focusing on Agadir’s iconic beach as the main option. In addition, the seaside resort of Taghazout was examined as a potential location for team base camps.

On Friday, an online meeting was held with FIFA representatives, focusing on the bidding process and its progress. This meeting was followed by working sessions within the tripartite steering committee to review various aspects and finalize adjustments to the bid form, added the FRMF in the statement.

“The committee is delighted with the quality of the collaboration between all the stakeholders and reaffirms its commitment to continue working in close cooperation with FIFA and the local authorities of the three countries to present a solid final bid for the 2030 World Cup,” concluded the same source.

The committee of the joint Morocco-Portugal-Spain bid for the 2030 FIFA World Cup, "YallaVamos2030", said that "no final decision has yet been taken on the number of stadiums, their geographical distribution or the allocation of matches by country".

29 June 2024