Youth Minister Launches Al Hussein Camps for Work and Construction 2024

Amman, July 4 (Petra) — Minister of Youth Mohammad Nabulsi, acting on behalf of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah, commenced Al Hussein Camps for Work and Construction 2024 on Thursday. Organized by the Ministry of Youth under the theme “Silver Jubilee: 25 Years of Giving and Achievement,” these camps are conducted in collaboration with national and international organizations, as well as civil society institutions.

Addressing the launch ceremony, Nabulsi announced the participation of more than 16,000 young men and women in this year’s programs and activities. The camps feature a diverse range of initiatives focusing on contemporary political and economic trends, priority youth issues, and both local and international topics. Key program areas include media literacy, artificial intelligence, political engagement, career counseling, and electronic gaming, among others, aimed at empowering youth, enhancing their skills, and developing their capacities.

Nabulsi emphasized that this year’s camps coincide with the Silver Jubilee celebrations marking King Abdullah’s twenty-five years of constitutional leadership. He underscored the significant national development achieved during this period, particularly in the youth and sports sectors.

Running until August 31, the camps encompass 556 locations across all governorates. They include various activities such as physical sports, tourism, rescue operations, national security training, remote work opportunities, scouting, adventure sports, Jordanian heritage preservation, future technology workshops, vocational training, technical education, and intellectual property rights awareness.

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04/07/2024 11:56:24