Experts: ICT sector will have largest share in New City project

Amman, Jan 24 (Petra) — The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector will have the largest share in the New City project due to its potentials, according to sector Experts and specialists.

In interviews with Petra, they said adopting an integrated urban model in the mega project with a modern infrastructure will ensure the provision of necessary quality services, adding that the New City will positively impact the economy as it creates jobs and attracts foreign and local investments, businessmen and talents.

The ICT sector will have the biggest share in the establishment of the New City due to its large potential, given the fact that it will be a modern, smart city like those in world countries, especially with the global trend towards artificial intelligence, said Haitham Rawajbeh, ICT sector representative at the Jordan Chamber of Commerce.

He pointed out that Jordanian ICT companies have the capabilities and expertise that qualify them to participate in providing the kind of services the new city needs, and employ international expertise in this domain.

Rawajbeh said that the introduction of 5G communication services will help plans for digital transformation, automation of services and smart buildings.

Nidal Bitar, CEO of the Association of ICT Companies “Int@j”, called for spending to revamp the education system from primary school to university, stressing that education is the real investment that reflects positively on achieving comprehensive development.

Modern technologies do not need new buildings, but rather qualified and trained manpower to facilitate their use by citizens, he added.

Head of the Association for Mobile Investors (Vision), Ahmad Alloush, said the New City will be built in line with engineering computer systems taking into account the designs and services along with the integrated smart cities model, introducing 5G communication services and the prospect of further development in the coming years.

Hani ElBatsh, an expert and technical consultant in the artificial intelligence and future foresight, said the New City will enhance the technology, manufacturing and services industries, as the smart city will be a more livable place for a sustainable and prosperous society, as new cities use technology and data to better manage resources, such as energy and water, and provide better transport and healthcare services.


24/01/2023 16:39:52