MOEHE Surveys Parents’ Opinions of Schools Quality

Doha, March 19 (QNA) – The School Evaluation Department at the Evaluation Affairs Sector of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) has begun implementing a parental opinion poll for the academic year 2022-2023, which the department implements annually for all public and private schools and kindergartens.

This year’s survey targets all parents from kindergarten to secondary school. Parents can participate and answer the survey questions by entering the link published on the ministry’s website or through the survey link sent to them by the student’s school via text message on their mobile phone number or any other means.

The guardian enters the survey link and inserts QID personal number, then the answer is direct to survey questions that will last no more than five minutes.

The number of guardians targeted for this year is 125,524 parents in schools and 8,000 and 406 in kindergartens. The survey includes many questions about the extent of the guardian’s satisfaction with the level of quality of their children’s schools and the quality of education in them, such as the school’s communication with them, duties and evaluations, the efficiency of teachers, the curricula taught in the school, the role of the school in promoting national identity and educational and moral values among students.

The School Evaluation Department called on all parents to participate in the survey due to its importance, as the results of the survey reflect the community’s opinion on the quality of education provided in all schools in the State of Qatar. (QNA)