Saudi Women Employees Participate in Makkah Route Initiative in Pakistan

Islamabad, June 4, 2023, SPA — As part of the Makkah Route Initiative team at Islamabad International Airport, in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, qualified and trained Saudi women employees from the General Directorate of Passports are helping complete the travel procedures of pilgrims benefiting from the initiative.
Soldier Asma Al-Dhubyani said that it is a great honor to serve pilgrims in their homelands and to help project the honorable image of Saudi women in general.
Soldier Ruwaida Al-Mawlid said that serving pilgrims is a duty and an honor, and expressed pride in serving the pilgrims.
“I am proud to be one of the participants in the Makkah Route Initiative,” said soldier Amira Al-Harbi, expressing pride in representing the country, serving the pilgrims and seeing their contentment at being able to complete the needed procedures smoothly.
16:20 LOCAL TIME 13:20 GMT