2487 tons of vegetables and fruits are returned to the central market

Amman, November 10 (Petra) – The quantities of vegetables, fruits and leafy greens imported to the central wholesale market of the Greater Amman Municipality today, Thursday, amounted to 2487 tons, including 1638 tons of vegetables, 564 tons of fruits and 285 tons of leaves.
According to the Jordan News Agency (Petra) monitoring of the Central Market Bulletin and the list of prices of items received in the market, according to the lowest and highest price per kilo, the price of Ajami black eggplant ranged between 15 to 30 piasters, dry onions between 30 to 40 piasters, and potatoes between 55 to 55 piasters. 80 piasters, tomatoes between 8 to 20 piasters, garlic between 150 to 200 piasters, carrots between 35 to 70 piasters, cucumbers between 30 to 50 piasters, flowers between 30 to 60 piasters, lemons between 50 and 80 piasters, and bananas between 50 to 85 piasters A penny.

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10/11/2022 19:17:43