Sudan News Agency - SUNA

Historical features:
The decision to establish the Sudan News Agency on 1/1/1970 came within the speech of former President Jaafar Nimeiri, which he delivered in the city of El-Obeid on the occasion of the Independence Days, and (SUNA) was officially opened on the second anniversary of the May Revolution in 1971 AD, and on September 21, 1970 AD, the Agency issued its first bulletin Newsletter in Arabic and English. The first law of the Sudan News Agency was issued on November 19, 1973 AD, and after that a number of laws were issued. On February 11, 2007, the ministers ordered the establishment of the General Authority of the Sudan News Agency, and a number of new services were added, such as the video service. The purposes and functions of the agency are summarized in collecting news and information, read, audio and video from inside and outside Sudan, and publishing it after treating it with all modern technical means and employing it to serve the interests of Sudan internally and externally.


Since its inception, SUNA has witnessed a great technical development, and was able to expand its activity in collecting and distributing news and information, to include the various regions of Sudan through a wireless network, and then a computer network. In 2010, the agency introduced Minos to expand the circle of news exchange inside and outside Sudan and to introduce new services such as the video service.

Today’s sauna:

The agency currently consists of three integrated sectors, at the forefront of which is the editorial sector, then two auxiliary sectors, namely the technical and engineering affairs sector and the financial and administrative affairs sector.

(Sunna) pictured:

As part of the transition to multimedia services (text, video and audio), SONA has established a studio and a hall for editing and directing, to record materials, documentaries and talk shows. As part of this step, a high-tech newsroom was established that contains (52) computers linked to an internal network equipped with the Internet.


SUNA covers with its services the 15 northern states, where it covers all activities and events around the clock through its correspondents deployed in the presidencies of the states and its delegates in all localities, which link it to the SUNA presidency in Khartoum through the MENOS network. The number of SUNA correspondents is Abroad (23) correspondents covering Europe, Asia, Arab countries and Africa

news exchange:

(SUNA) has contributed to the establishment and support of a number of Arab and African news agencies, such as the African News Agency (PANA), and it has also concluded a large number of bilateral agreements with a number of regional and international news agencies that exceeded (50) agreements in the field of news and information exchange in addition to the technical field. and training.