Civil Service Consumer Corporation Reports Decline in Sales

Amman, May 9 (Petra) — In 2023, the Civil Service Consumer Corporation recorded sales of about JD72 million, marking a slight decline from the previous year’s approximately JD75 million, reflecting a decrease of around JD3.6 million.

Data accessed by Petra revealed that the corporation’s purchases surged in the same period, totaling about JD72 million.

Approximately JD63 million were sourced from local industries, constituting a significant 86.4 percent of the total purchases. This indicates a notable increase from the previous year’s local industry purchases, which stood at about JD56 million, accounting for 78.7 percent of total purchases.

The value of purchases from local industries experienced a noteworthy uptick of approximately JD 7million, reflecting a 7.7 percent increase compared to the previous year.

Conversely, purchases from foreign industries through local suppliers saw a decline in 2023, amounting to about JD9 million, representing a decrease from the previous year’s figure of approximately JD14 million.

Material prices from the local market exhibited a slight decline, with a decrease of 8 percent, compared to 8.3 percent in 2022. The corporation’s supplier base expanded, with dealings now extended to 3,318 suppliers, up from 3,166 suppliers in 2022.

Additionally, the number of agreements inked with companies surged to 581, marking a notable increase from the previous year’s count of 531 agreements, representing a growth of 50 agreements.

Moreover, the Corporation’s laboratories experienced an increase in the number of materials tested, reaching a total of 930, compared to 830 in the previous year, indicating a rise of 100 tested materials.

Despite these fluctuations, the inventory turnover rate remained relatively stable, standing at 4.658 percent in 2023, as opposed to 4.676 percent in 2022.

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09/05/2024 12:22:25