Economic Modernization Vision Prioritizes Women’s Empowerment in Manufacturing Sector

Amman, May 9 (Petra) – Minister of Social Development and Head of the Ministerial Committee for Women’s Empowerment, Wafa Bani Mustafa, highlighted the Economic Modernization Vision spearheaded by His Majesty King Abdullah II, emphasizing its focus on high-value industries, particularly in manufacturing.

Bani Mustafa, speaking at a World Bank panel discussion on obstacles hindering women’s employment and entrepreneurship, outlined the strategy’s emphasis on women’s engagement in manufacturing, integrated into the economic modernization plan for 2023-2025. She underscored the cross-governmental nature of the economic modernization vision and women’s empowerment strategy.

Addressing the panel alongside key figures like President of the Amman and Jordan Chambers of Industry, Fathi Jaghbir, and World Bank executives, Bani Mustafa outlined the initiatives undertaken by the Ministerial Committee. These include a specialized grant program targeting industrial areas in various regions, aiming to support the establishment of support services. The program targets areas like Irbid, Al-Dulayl, Al-Qastal, Al-Muwaqqar, and Sahab, with applications currently under evaluation.

Bani Mustafa emphasized the Committee’s commitment to facilitating access to financing and markets for women entrepreneurs, reducing guarantees, and enhancing awareness regarding financing mechanisms and project management.

Initiatives targeting small business owners and government procurement systems encouraging women’s participation were also highlighted. Measures to build capabilities, raise awareness, and provide safe working environments for women in factories were outlined.

Jaghbir highlighted the significant presence of women in the industrial sector, with over 1,500 women involved in more than 600 industrial facilities, comprising about 34 percent of the total workforce.

World Bank Managing Director, Anna Bjerde, commended Jordan’s efforts to enhance women’s contribution to the economy, emphasizing its impact on reducing gender disparities.

Bjerde welcomed Jordan’s commitment to appointing women to leadership roles, emphasizing its positive effect on women’s development and prosperity.

The discussion delved into challenges such as transportation, childcare, and social norms hindering women’s employment, alongside priorities of the women’s empowerment strategy.

The establishment of the Industry Support and Development Fund aligns with the government’s economic priorities, aimed at enhancing investments and exports in the industrial sector, with financing from the World Bank supporting the project.

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09/05/2024 16:50:34