ILO DG Lauds Morocco’s Experience in Implementing Social State Policy

“Morocco plays a very important role within the International Labor Office, so it was only natural that we should come here for this visit (…) I’d like to emphasize our satisfaction with the Moroccan experience, particularly in terms of the social state,” Houngbo told the press, following his talks with Minister for Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, Younes Sekkouri.

He added: “Here in Morocco, we are seeing practical implementation, whether in terms of social protection, universalizing social protection, targeting the most disadvantaged communities, etc.”.

Houngbo also praised the government’s efforts in raising the guaranteed inter-professional minimum wage (SMIG) to “fairly significant” levels, as well as the guaranteed agricultural minimum wage (SMAG).

“The social dialogue, which culminated in the historic signing on Monday April 29, is another example of the importance the Labor Office attaches to these efforts by the Moroccan government. And together we need to see how the Moroccan experience can also be of use to other countries”, he pointed out.

For his part, Sekkouri stressed the importance of Houngbo’s visit to Morocco, which comes on the heels of the agreement signed between the government, trade unions and business representatives, as well as the launch of the Social State project, the direct social assistance project, the generalization of social protection and medical coverage, as well as the direct housing assistance program.

Director General of the International Labor Organization (ILO), Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo, on a visit to Morocco, praised, on Monday in Rabat, Morocco's experience in terms of implementing the social state policy.

07 mai 2024