Morocco’s Economy Minister, ILO Chief Discuss Financing Social Protection

In a statement to MAP at the end of these talks, Houngbo praised Morocco’s efforts in the field of social protection, and in implementing the Social State.

“We are aware that Moroccan authorities place a great emphasis on the Social State, and that the various social protection programs are costly to the budget,” he said, adding that discussions with Fettah focused on the measures that the Ministry of the Economy is taking in this direction.

He also stated that this meeting provided an opportunity to review the challenges facing Morocco, particularly in the wake of rising inflation and the COVID crisis.

The ILO Chief emphasized the need to strike the right balance between economic policies, particularly those designed to encourage youth entrepreneurship, and social policies. “On the one hand, we want better social protection, and on the other, we need to generate employment and help finance this social protection, while promoting inclusive economic growth,” he explained.

This visit was an occasion for Houngbo to meet several ministers and officials as well as to take part in a Tripartite High-Level Event on the Social State and Social Dialogue, and a High-Level Round Table on Social Justice and Changes in the Labor Market. 

The financing of social protection was the focus of talks held on Tuesday in Rabat between the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah, and Gilbert Fossoun Houngbo, Director General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), who is visiting Morocco.
07 mai 2024