QU Offers High-Quality Education, Research in Support of National Development, Says President

Doha, May 09 (QNA) – President of Qatar University (QU) Dr. Omar Al Ansari said that the QU seeks to provide its students with high-quality education and its community with research that supports national development, in an effective institutional environment built on the principles of excellence, efficiency, and transparency.

In his speech during the graduation ceremony of its 47th batch of distinguished female students at the QU Sports and Events Complex this morning, Dr. Al Ansari added that the QU’s role extends beyond providing academic knowledge and degrees; it encompasses being a field for knowledge, development, research, innovation, and human empowerment.

He added that the QU is among the leading universities in the region in supporting and empowering women in both academic and societal environments, highlighting its commitment to providing educational, research, and extracurricular opportunities in an educational atmosphere that encourages female participation and enables them to achieve their full aspirations.

He added, “The QU has achieved several local and international accomplishments, consistent with its distinction as an educational institution and a hub of expertise. It has obtained numerous academic chairs through partnerships and agreements with local, regional, and global institutions.

“Several programs and colleges have received academic accreditation from prestigious international accrediting institutions, some for the first time, such as the College of Medicine, while others have renewed previous accreditations. In all cases, these accreditations serve as tangible evidence of the quality of the university’s programs, which are on par with those offered by the finest global universities.

Dr. Al Ansari called on female graduates “to continue learning and continuously develop your professional skills, drawing knowledge from experts in various fields of work”.

“Set your professional and personal goals and work diligently and passionately to achieve them, while focusing on reflection and enjoying the journey of learning through new experiences. I am reminded to emphasize that success is not limited to the professional path alone, but also includes the ability to find balance between personal and professional life,” he added.

He added that the QU aims to overcome any obstacles that women may face, seeking to develop their skills and enhance their personal, professional, leadership, and entrepreneurial capacities. “This is to enable them to positively contribute to realizing the aspirations of society, its development, and to participate in building a sustainable future, all while maintaining a full awareness of the importance of preserving our values, identity, social fabric, and pride in our religious and national values.”

The graduation ceremony for the Class of 2024 included graduates from the following degrees (bachelor’s, diploma, master’s, doctorate, and doctor of pharmacy) who completed the graduation requirements for the following academic terms: Summer 2023, Fall 2023 and Winter 2024, and those expected to graduate Spring 2024. A total of 3742 female and male students graduate as part of the Class of 2024. (QNA)