Temperature drop, sporadic showers forecast for weekend 

Amman, March 29 (Petra)– The temperature, on Friday, will somewhat decrease but will still be above average for this time of year. Most places are experiencing mild weather, with temperatures rising in the Jordan Valley, Dead Sea, and Aqaba. Many clouds are visible at medium and high altitudes, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said in its daily update.

Winds will be easterly moderate, picking up at times and stirring dust in the Badia regions.

The JMD added that a weak state of atmospheric instability affects the Kingdom in the afternoon. Limited periods of scattered rain showers fall in the southeast, sometimes accompanied by thunder, and are predicted to spread during the night to a few locations in the central and eastern regions of the Kingdom.

Temperatures in the capital Amman will range between a high of 23 degrees Celsius during the day and a low of 13 degrees at night.

Highs in the port city of Aqaba will reach 33 degrees, sliding to 17 degrees at night.

//Petra// MF

29/03/2024 08:06:59