Under the patronage of Princess Muna Al Hussein, the Amman Opera Festival kicks off next Wednesday

Amman, November 10 (Petra)–Under the patronage of HRH Princess Muna Al Hussein, the fourth edition of the Amman Opera Festival will be launched in two concerts on Wednesday and Friday, corresponding to the 16th and 18th of this month, at the Amman Academy theatre.
The Jordanian soprano singer Zina Barhoum revealed during a press conference held today, Thursday at the Amman Academy theater, with the participation of representatives of the supporting bodies, to announce the launch of the activities of the fourth edition of the festival with the show “La Traviata” about the start of preparations for an opera on Petra that will be shown with the fifth edition of the Amman Festival. For the opera during the next year 2023, and that the details of the next production will be announced soon, entitled “Petra”, which will be presented in Arabic, Aramaic, Nabataean and English.
Soprano Barhoum said that the Amman Opera Festival, which is the first opera festival in the Arab world, and after a two-year absence due to the repercussions of the “Covid 19” pandemic, will re-present in its fourth edition the famous La Traviata opera on the 16th and 18th of this month.
Academy Director Yasmine Nassif expressed the Academy’s pride in hosting the Amman Opera Festival in its opera performance “La Traviata” on the Academy’s stage, noting that the Academy’s founder, Munther Fahoum, established this theater with the aim of providing an opportunity for artists and academics who are able to present their creativity in this space.
She praised the partnership between the Academy and the Soprano Barhoum, as well as the many partnerships between the Academy through its theater with international institutions concerned with artistic curricula, which the Academy attaches great importance to.
Amer Fakhoury, a member of the Board of Directors of the Tourism Promotion Authority, said that festival tourism is one of the most important forms of cultural tourism, noting that Jordan has a bright record and an honorable history in this field, especially as it plays a vital role in promoting tourism to our country.
On behalf of the Tourism Promotion Authority, he stressed that the authority spares no effort to support actors, from the public and private sectors, in projects to host artistic events that would attract tourism to our country, including opera festivals, which are a new culture that is expected to flourish, and this supports talents based on Organizing these festivals, and to show that Jordan is bigger and more than just a tourist and archaeological site, but rather a habitat for culture, literature, theater, music and other fine human arts.
Karim Makhlouf, Chief Commercial Officer of Royal Jordanian Airlines, said that, within its plans to contribute to tourism marketing and attract tourists to Jordan, it doubled the number of its flights, indicating that its support for this type of technical event contributes to marketing Jordan tourism and increasing the number of tourists coming. mechanism.
The General Manager of Marriott Hotels in Jordan, Philip Papadopoulos, indicated that he has been residing in Jordan for about 21 years and loves Jordan, and from this point of view, the hotel offers its support to the Amman Opera Festival, noting
Jordan is the only Arab country that is interested in the art of opera, and their support for the festival is to market Jordan in terms of tourism and art, and to highlight Jordan in all its aesthetic manifestations.
The Executive Director of Communications at the Greater Amman Municipality, Eng. Ibrahim Hashem, reviewed the role of the Greater Amman Municipality in hosting and sponsoring cultural and artistic events that reflect the city’s spirit and identity, pointing out that there is a close relationship between the Omanis and their city, which is characterized by its special character and mosaics, which are reflected in their best forms on the city’s spirit and civilized appearance.
Aida Abu Jaber, Director of Public Relations and Marketing at International General Insurance Holding Ltd., expressed the company’s pride in supporting the festival and the soprano Barhoum, as a unique and creative artist, with her high culture and educational attainment, in addition to that she represents a model for the issue of women’s empowerment, noting the importance of this artistic event.
In turn, the band’s leader, Maestro Massimo Tadía, director Ricardo Canesa and lead singer Ricardo Gatto expressed their happiness to participate in this distinguished artistic event, noting that this festival will contribute to strengthening the bonds of friendship between the band and Jordanian stakeholders.

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