Agricultural Empowerment Project Launched in Collaboration with Swiss Organization

Baqaa, May 7 (Petra) – The National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) has entered into a cooperative agreement with the Helvetas, a Swiss development organization, aiming to economically empower agricultural projects, small-scale farms, and workers in the agricultural sector as part of the “20 Dunums for Change” initiative.

Nizar Haddad, the Center’s Director General, highlighted the institution’s commitment to applying research findings and introducing modern technologies to farmers. Through collaboration with local and international partners, including agricultural institutions and farmers, the center seeks to enhance productivity and sustainability in farming practices.

The agreement focuses on boosting the income of Jordanian farmers by improving farm productivity, implementing climate-smart agricultural techniques, and promoting sustainable agricultural methods conducive to food security. Targeting 600 Jordanian farmers, regardless of gender, with farm sizes not exceeding 20 dunums, the initiative will be implemented in the governorates of Mafraq and Irbid.

Alaa Maaytah, Director of the Helvetas Jordan, commended NARC’s pivotal role in supporting and empowering farmers and delivering essential agricultural services.

Funded by the French Development Agency in collaboration with NARC, the Royal Botanic Garden, the Union of Women Farmers, and the Business Accelerator, the project underscores a comprehensive effort toward agricultural development.

Zeina Sammadi, representing the Norwegian Refugee Council, stressed the project’s emphasis on aiding and empowering small-scale farmers. The coalition includes Helvetas Jordan Branch, the Child Protection Organization, the Jordan River Foundation, and the Norwegian Refugee Council, collectively working to uplift vulnerable farming communities.

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07/05/2024 14:33:32