Arab, Islamic, international countries, organizations react to Israel’s invasion of Rafah

Amman, May 7 (Petra) — Arab, Islamic and international countries and organizations on Tuesday announced their reactions to Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing and its closure to the entry of humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip, who are suffering an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe.

The Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Jassim Mohammed AlBudaiwi, called on the international community to take immediate action and collective action to pressure the Israeli occupation forces to stop their serious aggressive violations on the Palestinian territories and threaten the lives of innocent civilians.

He stressed that the continued mob attacks and provocations undermine the chances of peace and reinforce the escalating cycles of violence in the region, which requires immediate international intervention to end the crisis. He also stressed that expanding the scope of Israeli military operations inside the Palestinian territories to include Rafah after the Gaza Strip would put the lives of many Palestinian people at risk, and would also directly contribute to threatening peace and security in the entire region.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that “any operation in Rafah will affect the whole world” and called on Israel to immediately withdraw from the side of the crossing it has seized.

According to Anadolu Agency, the ministry’s spokesperson, Oncu K?l?çdaro?lu, welcomed the Palestinian side’s acceptance of the latest proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza and the exchange of prisoners, stressing that “while there has been a positive development to stop the destruction and massacres in Gaza, the escalation of Israeli attacks on Rafah shows once again that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is not acting in good faith.” He noted that “any operation in Rafah will affect the whole world.”

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07/05/2024 22:58:48