Islamic University of Madinah to Hold Cyber Terrorism International Conference Tomorrow

Madinah, December 5, 2022, SPA — The Islamic University of Madinah tomorrow is scheduled to host the three-day Cyber Terrorism International Conference 2022 with the participation of several researchers, academics and specialists.
President of Islamic University of Madinah Prince Dr. Mamdouh bin Saud bin Thunayan said that the conference seeks to highlight the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts in fields of combating cyber terrorism, acquaint stakeholders with international efforts exerted to combat it, its definition and types, its dangers, acquaint stakeholders with the latest types of cyber terrorism, enhance prevention methods, and offer a suggested proposal to combat it.
The conference will address 9 main themes which include: Cyber Terrorism its agenda and methods; Cyber Terrorism and its impact on religious belief and Da’wah (call); the role of international treaties and laws in the face of Cydney Terrorism; and International Cyber Terrorism in the Sharia “Prevention and Cure”.
Themes also cover International Cyber Terrorism in the Sharia “Prevention and Cure”; Information Security and Combating Terrorism; the responsibility of cultural and media institutions in confronting Cyber Terrorism; the role of the media and its platforms in combating Cyber Terrorism; and the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in combating Cyber Terrorism.
14:38 LOCAL TIME 11:38 GMT