Kitesurfing Competitions in Dakhla: Participants, Ambassadors of Pearl of the South in the World (Association Lagon Dakhla Pres.)

This category of sport tourists is attracted to Dakhla by its unique climate, which allows water sports to be practiced all year round, especially its wind, which is prized by surfing enthusiasts, said Ouachi, who was the guest of Sunday’s evening news on the “Al Oula” channel.

The competition, scheduled to run until October 2, brings together 70 internationally renowned athletes, including national champions and top-level participants from the USA, France, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Cabo Verde, South Africa and many others.

Thanks to Dakhla’s reputation, the number of tourists is set to triple between 2020 and 2022, she stressed, pointing out that it’s impossible to talk about kitesurfing without mentioning this city, which enjoys a significant national and international notoriety.

Dakhla’s prominence is confirmed by the increase in the number of flights to the city, which has risen from two a week when the international competition was first organized 13 years ago, to 28 a week today, which speaks volumes about the popularity of the pearl of southern Morocco, said Ouachi.

In addition, she underlined that the current edition of this international competition is dedicated to solidarity with the inhabitants of the areas affected by the Al-Haouz earthquake, through a hashtag used by participants and the sports federations concerned, to help promote Morocco as a destination.


Participants in the 13th Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan Kitesurfing World Cup 2023 and the GWA Wingfoil World Cup in Dakhla are considered ambassadors for the Pearl of the South around the world, said president of the Association Lagon Dakhla for the development of sport of culture, Laila Ouachi.

25 September 2023