Marrakech African Book Festival, Opportunity to Reflect On New Africa-Based Universality (Academic)

In a statement to MAP during the inaugural ceremony of the Festival’s second edition, Essaydi, one of FLAM’s four co-founders, underscored the importance of open-minded reflection on humanity’s future, embracing perspectives from the Global South without excluding any partner or dialogue participant.

Affirming that shaping humanity’s future requires inclusive collaboration, Essaydi highlighted FLAM’s role in promoting dialogue among African authors and diaspora voices, addressing pressing issues, challenges and divisions prevalent in today’s global landscape.

“We stand at a pivotal moment with a shared vision to shape tomorrow’s Africa, drawing upon our collective strengths and fostering values of mutual understanding and acceptance,” she continued, emphasizing the pivotal role of youth in this endeavor.

Essaydi also elaborated on FLAM’s mission to rekindle youth interest in literature and reading, showcasing the richness, diversity and dynamism of African literature globally. This initiative aims to reintroduce young readers to the continent’s literary wealth and its global impact, driven by the contributions of African authors.

Founded by Mahi Binebine, Fatimata Wane-Sagna, Hanane Essaydi and Younès Ajarraï, FLAM stands as a convergence point for African writers, intellectuals and thinkers, supported by the “We Art africains” association, to celebrate African literature and culture.

In its second edition, FLAM’s program delves into themes aligned with contemporary scholarly and editorial advancements in Africa and its diaspora, emphasizing the revitalization and reinforcement of shared memories and enduring connections among all Africans, regardless of their geographical location.

The Marrakech African Book Festival (FLAM) provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on a new Africa-based universality, Hanane Essaydi, a university lecturer at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences in Marrakech, stressed on Thursday.
08 February 2024