Ministry of Media Launches Fourth Media Excellence Award

Riyadh, September 22, 2023, SPA – The Ministry of Media has launched, in partnership with the Human Capacity Development Program, the Media Excellence Award 2023 in its fourth edition, which celebrates all distinguished media work throughout the year and honours individuals who left their imprint in the field of media with their excellent media works and efforts.
The ministry invited all institutions and individuals to apply for the award from September 22 to October 17. This award’s edition will target six tracks: photography, creative video making, press material production, TV production, audio production, and national song production.
The award aims to motivate interested institutions and individuals to participate in their media work and support and encourage creativity in the media fields among amateurs and practitioners. It also aims at highlighting the best works and honouring special people in the industry.
The award management has identified a number of criteria that must be met to apply for the award. Firstly, the material must be produced during 2023; it does not have to be related to a specific topic. Secondly, the participating entity or individual must own all intellectual property rights related to the produced material. The material must achieve a quality addition in terms of originality of the idea, creativity and uniqueness in style. Furthermore, it must not violate Islamic principles, the values and customs of Saudi society, or any Saudi regulation or law.
In addition, the criterion of differentiation among participants will include the following values: determination, perseverance, mastery and discipline.
The ministry will receive the participation of institutions and individuals through the dedicated electronic platform
18:00 Local Time 15:00 GMT