OIC Condemns Israeli Crimes of Premeditated Killing of Palestinian Citizens

Jeddah, December 05, 2022, SPA — The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OC) has condemned the field assassination and premeditated killing committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people, including the most recent heinous execution committed by a soldier of the Israeli occupation forces against Ammar Hamdi Mufleh, which was documented by video and audio clips in Nablus.
The organization held the Israeli occupation authorities fully responsible for the consequences of these crimes, which require accountability, and called on the United Nations and relevant international bodies to form an investigation committee to uncover the circumstances of Ammar Mufleh’s murder.
The organization called on the international community, namely the UN Security Council, to assume its legal and political responsibilities, and to put pressure on Israel, the occupying power, to stop these criminal acts, hold it accountable for all its violations and racist policies, and provide international protection for the Palestinian people.
15:28 LOCAL TIME 12:28 GMT