Sadiki Holds Talks with African Peers on Promoting Cooperation in Agriculture

   These meetings with the ministers of agriculture of South Sudan, Burkina Faso, the Central African Republic, Sao Tome, Zambia and Somalia, focused on the ways to share the Moroccan experience, particularly within the framework of the “Green Generation” strategy, with these friendly African countries, Sadiki told MAP.

   The discussions also tackled themes relating to climate change adaptation, water scarcity management through water-saving techniques, modernization of canals and irrigation systems, choice of appropriate agricultural systems, the development of production chains, as well as the industrialization and valorization of agricultural production.

   The talks were also an opportunity to present the Moroccan experience in organizing professionals, particularly small producers and farmers within the framework of cooperatives, he said, noting that African ministers expressed their wish to benefit from Morocco’s support in this area, and to benefit from national expertise in logistics, marketing of agricultural products and agri-food industries, attractiveness of investors in the agricultural sector, and support young people from rural areas to strengthen their interest in the sector.

   For their part, the African officials expressed, in similar statements, their countries’ will to benefit from Moroccan experience in the areas of water management, fertilizers, modern technologies and professional training in order to strengthen the sustainability of agricultural systems in their countries.

   In this regard, they expressed their admiration for the great advances made by Morocco in the agricultural sector and for the significant investments made in irrigation and water management, which allowed the Kingdom to increase agricultural production, consolidate food security, and export agricultural products to different countries around the world.

   The ministers also praised the good organization of the 33rd session of the FAO Regional Conference for Africa, stressing that their meetings with Moroccan officials were an opportunity to discuss best practices in the field.

   Held under the auspices of the Kingdom of Morocco, the three-day conference offers a major opportunity for African countries to discuss practical and concrete solutions for food security and improved agricultural production, and to define priorities with the FAO for the next two years, with the aim of achieving transformative and sustainable change in agri-food systems across the continent.

Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki, held, here Saturday, talks with his peers from several African countries participating in the 33rd session of the FAO Regional Conference for Africa, on the ways to promote cooperation in the agricultural field.
21 avril 2024